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While serving time in jail, Emma King had to go to great lengths to find something as common as tampons. She and other women in prison eventually learned how to make their own.

Jampon: Jamming Out For Female Hygiene

Jan 27, 2018
Jampon Flyer


Three University of Evansville students are hoping to make a difference in female hygiene for low income and homeless women in Evansville.


Jampon – jamming out for pads and tampons – will collect boxes of tampons, pads, or liners as an admission fee and then donate what’s gathered towards the local Young Women’s Christian Association.

“The problem of homeless or otherwise underprivileged women not being able to afford sanitary products has just bothered me for a really long time,” said Alexandra Curren.


A small house and a big idea are coming to the University of Southern Indiana.

The university announced it’s building a small, modular home to demonstrate how the tiny housing model could make independent living accessible for people of all ages and abilities.

Jacob Sippel / US Navy

After letting funding lapse for 114 days, the United States has reached an agreement for funding CHIP, the federally-run health insurance program for children and pregnant mothers.