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After every mass violence incident, Barbara Thompson sees a pattern.

“You almost always hear that the people think that there was something wrong — that this person had a mental illness,” said Thompson, who is the executive director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness in Indiana. “And so it becomes something really difficult for people who are experiencing mental health conditions to feel like maybe they're being connected somehow to these tragic events.”

Myranda Tetzlaff is a 25-year-old who has two pit bull mixes named Bub and Goose. She takes them on long walks for exercise. But she recently caught herself backing out of a hike— because she was afraid of seeing other people on the trail.

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The Midwest is home to tens of thousands of immigrants — including refugees from countries like Myanmar, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Iraq. And it’s been a challenge to provide information about COVID-19 and vaccines to those who don’t speak English.

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On normal days, the gym at this Indianapolis school would be filled with kids in phys ed classes. But last Saturday it was the scene of a pop-up vaccination clinic.

And the mood was just as up-beat. One nurse brought her husband to the KIPP Indy Legacy High School to get vaccinated — to cheers from everyone around.

Collaboration Opens New Clinic Downtown

Apr 5, 2021
Steve Burger / WNIN

A ribbon cutting in downtown Evansville Monday opened up better health care access for marginalized communities in the near downtown area.  

It’s called Deaconess Clinic Memorial, located on the campus of Memorial Baptist Church in Evansville. Memorial pastor Adrian Brooks, Sr., says they have been working on this project for some time.

“We feel like by having this facility here, we’re going to see the needle move in this area in terms of how some of these maladies affect certain demographics disproportionately.”