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Pamela Goodwin started the Indianapolis based nonprofit Women In Motion after she recognized she was at high risk for HIV, the virus that leads to AIDS. She wants to help other women — in particular women of color — in the same situation.

Local school boards, school officials, teachers and parents are suddenly finding themselves on the frontlines in the battle to keep kids safe from contracting COVID-19 at school. 

Across the country and across the state, each school district is faced with important decisions on safety protocols:  masks or no masks? Vaccine mandates or not? What should the district do when infection occurs? 

Owensboro Health Community Grants Announced

Aug 10, 2021

Owensboro Health announced the recipients of its annual Community Health Investment program Tuesday. 

As 25-year-old Torian Jones sorted out the fresh produce section at Cleo’s Bodega grocery store, he put the bad tomatoes in a small box. Part of his work as manager of inventory is to gather and take them for composting at a nearby farm.

Working at the grocery store makes Jones feel good because, “the store is part of the community; it’s a nonprofit and we are offering an important service.”

Janette Lems said the trouble for her kids really began when they started school last fall.

Her 7-year-old daughter struggled with being limited to interacting with just several kids who didn’t include her friends, and her 5-year-old son was displaying a lot of anger and aggression.