Final essay released in personal wealth study

Jul 16, 2015

Wednesday, the St. Louis Federal Reserve released their third and final essay on the “Demographics of Wealth,” focusing on how age can affect one’s financial wealth.

The research shows that millennials enjoy less financial wealth than previous generations have had at that stage of life even though they are better educated than any previous generation.

Trend- The Demographics of Wealth

Jun 5, 2015

Research and essays based on that research about the demographics of wealth by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis are getting national attention because of the direct, and sometimes controversial conclusions in the essays.

One of the researchers came to Owensboro in May of 2015 to present the findings to community leaders and hear their responses. 

Yarn Ball Wisdom

Aug 19, 2014
Steve Burger

Not every institution is made of bricks and steel. Some are less substantial, but just as important.

At East Side Christian Church in Evansville earlier this month, cheers erupted when yarn piece number 12,000 was added to a yarn ball brought by storyteller Susan Fowler.

"I reference it as 'a world of smiles', but really, it's a yarn ball.  Officially, it is a cardboard dodecahedron depicting the earth, with pieces of multi-colored yarn wrapped around it that represent a hope and a positiveness for this earth," says Fowler.

Vanderburgh chosen for pre-k program

Jul 22, 2014

The state has chosen Vanderburgh County as one of five Indiana counties to take part in a pre-kindergarten pilot program. 

Governor Mike Pence says Vanderburgh, Marion, Allen, Jackson, and Lake counties have been chosen to help prepare low-income four-year-olds for success in school.

The General Assembly established the pilot program earlier this year, and the Family Social Services Administration selected 18 counties as finalists.

Few college students graduating on schedule

Feb 18, 2014

Not many college students in Indiana are claiming their degrees on time. 

The Commission for Higher Education has released its first-ever study on college completion. It found that less than one student out of ten finishes a two-year degree in two years, and just three out of 10 complete a four-year degree in four years.

The commission says an additional year of college can cost an Indiana student $50,000 in extra tuition, lost wages, and related costs.