COVID Between the Coasts

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In 2020, WNIN, the University of Evansville and ¿Qué Pasa, Midwest? collaborated on a seven month research and reporting project to find stories of the coronavirus pandemic that weren't being told in seven Midwestern states. Here are those stories. COVID Between the Coasts is an ongoing project. If you know of a Midwestern story of the pandemic that has not been told, let us know.

Dr. Darrin Weber and his fall semester ChangeLab class students, Maya Frederick, Timmy Miller, Ethan Morlock and Pearl Muensterman created an extensive data visualization of the coronavirus progression in our seven state project area, available here.

CBC S1 E2: Detroit- A Day in District Five

21 hours ago
Eric Millikin

"It's like you woke up one morning and gravity was gone." In one of the poorest large cities in America, the fight against the virus took resourcefulness and resilience.

CBC S1 E3: Chicago- A Tribute to Essential Workers

21 hours ago
Judith Ruiz-Branch

It's a category of workers that didn't exist for most of us a year ago. In order to tell the story of essential workers, you have to look more closely than the usual news reports.

CBC S1 E4: Minneapolis- The Supply Chain

21 hours ago

Mistakes were made in keeping PPE and other essential medical supplies available for health care and emergency workers during the pandemic. Are we ready for the second wave, or not?