Conversations in the Middle

Zac Parsons, Host
Credit Alex Mourer

Conversations in the Middle is a collaboration between WNIN Digital Studios and Zac Parsons, co-founder of the Honey Moon Coffee Company and TEDxEvansville and adjunct faculty member at the University of Evansville.  In the midst of quarantines and physical distancing Zac makes connections in the community and beyond by exploring how people are getting through the middle of the coronavirus pandemic via Zoom calls from his homemade closet production studio. 

Ways to Connect

Casper ter Kuile is a British author, co-founder of Sacred Design Lab, and a Harvard Divinity School fellow who lives in New York. He talks to Zac about how he's been getting through the quarantine, what's changed since their last conversation, and his hopes for after the coronavirus pandemic.

Jessica Parsons is Zac's wife, an accountant, and the co-owner of Honey Moon Coffee Company.  She talks with Zac about what's changed since their last podcast conversation, how their business is doing, and what she's looking forward to after the coronavirus pandemic.