Business & Economy

Indiana has inked a sister state agreement with the Indian state of Karnataka in hopes of teeing off more cultural and economic exchange.

Several companies in Karnataka’s tech hub capital, Bangalore, are in the midst of big expansions to the Hoosier state. Those include Infosys, Wipro and, most recently, Axiscades.

“The relationship really grew through our partnership with Infosys and blossomed from there,” said Indiana Economic Development Corporation spokeswoman Abby Gras in an email.

Lawmakers say Caesars Entertainment’s pending purchase of Indiana’s two racetrack casinos shouldn’t change much in the legislature when it comes to the gaming industry.

Las Vegas-based Caesars – which owns two Indiana riverboat casinos – has agreed to purchase the racetrack casinos in Anderson and Shelbyville from Centaur Gaming, an Indiana-based company. House Public Policy Committee Chair Ben Smaltz (R-Auburn) says he’s unsure how the deal will change Statehouse debates.

A Purdue University study suggests many consumers don’t differentiate between organic and non-GMO food labels – and they’re willing to spend more on both.

Agricultural economist Jayson Lusk asked more than 1,000 consumers what they’d be willing to pay for apples and granola bars with an organic label, and a non-GMO label, which means no genetically modified ingredients.

“The extra premium people were willing to pay [was] about the same for those two labels,” he says. “That’s interesting, because one label is much more encompassing than the other.”

The Hoosier unemployment rate rose 0.1 percent in October to 3.9 percent, its highest level since March.

And while the increase wasn’t as large as it’s been the last couple of months, it’s the first time in six years the number has gone up four months in a row. And the increase over that span – nearly 1 percent – is the largest four-month spike since 2009, at the height of the recession.