World War I

Chester and Gertrude (At War)

Oct 29, 2018
Steve Burger / WNIN

It is well known that Evansville, Indiana suffered one of the first U.S. casualties in World War I. But there is an Evansville story at the end of that war of triumph, tragedy and sacrifice that has gone almost completely unnoticed...until now.

Yale professor visits UE Friday to discuss WWI

Oct 25, 2018

A distinguished historian visits Evansville this week to discuss the impact of World War I. Yale Professor Emeritus Jay Winter will speak at UE’s Eykamp Hall Friday evening. UE Professor James MacLeod told WNIN’s John Gibson that Winter cites a second Great War that happened BEFORE World War II…

That’s UE professor James MacLeod. He’s welcoming Yale Professor Jay Winter to Eykamp Hall at 7 p.m. Friday. Admission to the lecture is free.

Chester and Gertrude- A box of letters

Oct 10, 2018
Nancy Hasting

It is well known that Evansville suffered one of the first casualties of World War I. But there is a story from the end of the war that has gone largely unnoticed, until now.  WNIN’s Steve Burger has followed that story and was in France this past summer for its thrilling conclusion. Posey County native Nancy Hasting has put her family's story of World War I into a book titled, "A Tragedy of the Great War". 

Steve Burger reported from Sedan in Northern France where Monday a plaque was placed on the First Division Monument at Wadelincourt that honors the casualties from the final offensive of World War I. That plaque contains the name of Evansville native Army Sergeant Chester Schulz. His name was left off the monument in the chaos at the end of WWI. A great niece, Nancy Hasting of Mount Vernon, noticed and decided to get his name added to it.

Investigation reveals why soldier not recognized

May 31, 2018

We now have a pretty good idea of why an Evansville soldier's family endured the agony of waiting four months to learn of his fate after World War I, and how his name was left off a monument to the casualties of the one of the last battles of that war.

Mt. Vernon resident Nancy Hasting has spent the past two years researching the final days of her great-uncle, Army Sergeant Chester Schulz. He was killed in battle near Sedan, France just four days before the end of the war.