Steve Burger's Morning Edition Joys and Woes

Jun 3, 2015

Wednesday morning, WNIN Morning Edition fill-in host Steve Burger gave his top reasons why he likes, and doesn't like, subbing for John Gibson on the early shift. So, tongue firmly in cheek, here they are, in case you missed them this morning:

Reasons I don't like working Morning Edition:

To steal a phrase from another famous morning host, " What does the 'O' stand for in four o'clock? It stands for 'oh my gosh, it's early!'"

I can't use the excuse of heavy traffic for being late

Red Blue Hoops- Sneak Peek

Dec 2, 2014

When hosts Evan Beck and Ben Shoulders start talking about the UK and IU basketball programs, there's always some good-natured trash talking mixed in!  Here's a sneak listen from our pilot program.

WNIN Volunteer Appears on Jeopardy

Dec 14, 2013
Steve Burger

 Even though he's only 19 years old and a college student, WNIN summer volunteer Sam Bernhard got his dream gig this week with an appearance on the adult version of the popular "Jeopardy" game show.

He didn't win, but Bernhard says the fact that he is one of the youngest players ever to appear on the adult game earned him a bit of pop culture icon status on social media.

Bernhard is a student at Oberlin College in Ohio. He's the son of Mark and Laura Bernhard of Evansville. Sam says he has been a fan of "Jeopardy" since he was a kid.