WNIN launches Move to Main campaign

Apr 4, 2017
John Gibson

WNIN has launched its Move to Main capital campaign.

The station plans to move to the former WEVV building at Main and Riverside at a cost of $3.4 million.

A “quiet campaign” that’s drawn mostly on corporate support has already raised more than half of the needed money.

Now, the campaign is shifting to a public, community-wide effort.

During a news conference, USI President – and WNIN Board Chair – Linda Bennett asked board members to join her at the podium. 

She said the board was behind the Move to Main 100%.

WNIN announces capital campaign

Apr 4, 2017

  In 2017, WNIN is making a transformational change that reflects the area’s progress and growth.  By this fall, WNIN will be in a new building with much better facilities to serve our Tri-State community.

WNIN's Steve Burger talked with WNIN president and CEO Brad Kimmel about the timing of the move and the reason for the campaign.

SB:  “I’m Steve Burger, here with WNIN President and CEO Brad Kimmel to talk about the Move to Main capital campaign. What is that?”

WNIN planning move to Main and Riverside

Jan 20, 2017

WNIN is planning to move to Evansville’s riverfront.

Tri-State Public Media has purchased the former WEVV building at Riverside and Main through a donor relationship.

A capital campaign is underway to raise money to pay for the building, to renovate it, and to add new digital equipment. 

President and CEO Brad Kimmel says he’s “excited” to move the operation to the “heart of downtown” and to better engage the public and better serve the community.

Kimmel says the capital campaign will go public this spring and more details will be released then.

WNIN export a hit in Ukraine

Aug 23, 2016
John Gibson


(NOTE: WNIN Morning Edition host and reporter John Gibson, multi-media journalist Samantha Horton and WNIN Television producer Jason Bumm are in Lutsk, Ukraine this week as part of an exchange program sponsored by the U.S. State Department. This is the first in their series of reports from Ukraine)

Handy volunteers work free to keep it free

Jun 22, 2015
Steve Burger / WNIN-FM

Each year at the W.C. Handy festival, dozens of people pitch in to make it a success. At the 25th annual Handy event, we decided to profile the volunteers who come back year after year to put on the festival.

For this look at the W.C. Handy volunteers,  I found one who’s been working the festival since the beginning, one who started with the new millennium in 2000, and Rebecca Hein, who’s spent most of her life bringing blues and barbecue to the Tri-State.