TMS- Andy Orem-Katie Omohundro

Aug 20, 2020

David James speaks with Andy Orem. Author of The Very Anxious Potato and Youth First Social Worker, Katie Omohundro

TMS- 2020 WNIN Auction

Aug 7, 2020


David James speaks with Tim Black, Emily Wilderman and those who make the WNIN Auction. How this year will be a bit different than in the past. Also, those who have been a part of it throughout its history.

TMS- Kristalyn Shefveland

Jul 31, 2020

David Speaks with  author Kristalyn Shefveland about some of Evansville's most famous restuarants from yesterday and today.  

David speaks with local doctor Cindy Basinski about her journey around the world and into medicine.  He also speaks with local author Julia Gregg about her new collection of poems.  

TMS- Joel Utley

Apr 24, 2020

David chats with the long time radio voice of The Kentucky Wesleyan Panthers, Joel Utley.