TMS- Scott Saalman

Jan 28, 2021

David James talks with local Author and Humorist for the Dubois County Herald, Scott Saalman.

TMS- Brian Spangle

Jan 21, 2021

David talks with Author Brian Spangle about his new book.  Hidden History of Vincennes and Knox County.  

Kimmel Leaving WNIN for IU

Nov 24, 2020

The head of WNIN radio and TV is leaving Evansville for a position in Bloomington. 

TMS- The Wanderer

Nov 12, 2020

David James speaks with local actor Steve Young and Director Jon Cullen about their new film The Wanderer.  The film was shot in the Southern Indiana.  

TMS- Toastmasters

Nov 9, 2020

David James speaks with The Toastmasters.  Chaze Patrick and Charron Combs on what it takes to be a good public speaker and facing your fears.