TMS- The Wanderer

Nov 12, 2020

David James speaks with local actor Steve Young and Director Jon Cullen about their new film The Wanderer.  The film was shot in the Southern Indiana.  

TMS- Toastmasters

Nov 9, 2020

David James speaks with The Toastmasters.  Chaze Patrick and Charron Combs on what it takes to be a good public speaker and facing your fears.  

TMS- Haunted Cemeteries of Indiana

Oct 29, 2020

David speaks with Author Ashley Hood about her new book Haunted Cemeteries of Indiana

TMS- The Lone Ranger

Oct 9, 2020

David speaks with Claudia Dant of the Wabash County Illinois Museum.  They discuss Mt. Carmel native Brace Beemer, the radio voice of The Lone Ranger.   

TMS- Evansville Bar Association

Sep 29, 2020

David speaks with Attorneys Dirck Stahl and Katherine Rybak from the Evansville Bar Association on topics such as The First Amendment and Constitution Day.