voter participation

A House committee dramatically scaled back a controversial bill Thursday that would have imposed new voter identification requirements on absentee ballot applications.

Republican lawmakers want to require an extra check of a voter’s identification on absentee ballot applications. Supporters say it’s about election security. Opponents argue it will unfairly cost some Hoosiers their vote.

Indiana ranks among the worst states in the country for voter turnout. And improving that is the goal of a new, nonpartisan organization: HOPE – Hoosiers Organized, People Energized.

More Hoosiers voted in the 2020 general election than in any election in state history, crossing the 3 million-voter mark for the first time.

Last minute COVID-19 diagnoses have left some Hoosier voters frustrated and unable to vote.

Jose Travez from Marion County is one of those voters. He said he planned to vote early on Monday, his day off. But he got a call on Sunday, the weekend before elections, that he had tested positive for COVID-19. Travez said he began to show symptoms that day as well. He said he immediately called anyone he could think of that he had been in contact with, and then it hit him: He would also not be able to vote.