vote by mail

Republican lawmakers want to require an extra check of a voter’s identification on absentee ballot applications. Supporters say it’s about election security. Opponents argue it will unfairly cost some Hoosiers their vote.

Indiana lawmakers want to make a few changes to the state’s vote-by-mail system in the wake of a surge of mail-in ballots during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indiana House, Senate Democrats Unveil 2021 Agendas

Jan 7, 2021

House and Senate Democrats' 2021 legislative agendas are focused on issues that they say the pandemic showed to be incredibly urgent.

Hoosiers are used to finding out which candidates won and lost on election night, or pretty close to it. But that likely won’t be the case this year for some races.

About 100,000 vote-by-mail ballots still haven’t been returned to county election administrators with just days to go before they’re due.