Man accused of dirty notes at USI

Sep 21, 2018

Deputies have arrested a man accused of leaving sexually explicit notes on car windshields at USI. 

The Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office says deputies assigned to the USI Patrol Unit began an investigation after several female students contacted authorities to report obscene notes left on their vehicles.

In a news release, the sheriff’s office said the notes suggested the offender had been watching each victim prior to leaving the note.

Colin Powell To Visit USI

Aug 24, 2018

Retired General Colin Powell is coming to Evansville. 

The University of Southern Indiana says Powell will take part in a leadership discussion April 4th at the new USI Arena.

The discussion is titled “Leadership: Taking Charge.”

It will be free and open to the public.

General Powell served as National Security Advisor to President Ronald Reagan, and as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to Presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

Sheriff's deputies patrolling USI

Aug 22, 2018
John Gibson

Vanderburgh County sheriff’s deputies are now patrolling USI full-time. 

The sheriff’s office says 5 deputies have been chosen to serve on the USI Patrol Unit, after the university and the county agreed on a $450,000 deal last year.

USI Vice President Steve Bridges told reporters the deputies will provide an “extra layer” of security on the campus…

"This is an enhancement for USI campus safety, not a replacement. Our public safety officers are on campus and they're here to serve with EMT needs and parking enforcement."

New UE president visits campus, looks forward

May 10, 2018

The incoming president of UE paid a visit to the campus, less than two months before he takes office.

The University of Evansville’s Board of Trustees chose Christopher Pietruszkiewicz -- pronounced "pet-ruh-SKEV-ich" -- as its new president in March.

He met with members of the news media Wednesday, saying his first goal is to listen…

USI board picks Rochon as new university president

Apr 20, 2018
John Gibson

The University of Southern Indiana hired its new president from within.

A presidential search committee considered more than 90 applicants from across the nation before the USI Board of Trustees voted unanimously for USI Provost Ronald Rochon.

Retiring university president Dr. Linda Bennett told a special board meeting that she was pleased with the choice…

"This moment is even more gratifying to me because of the selection of someone I have worked with for the past 8 years"

Bennett hired Rochon as provost.