University of Evansville

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UE President Christopher Pietruszkiewicz  spoke with WNIN's Steve Burger about various aspects of the school's realignment plan.

Faculty Votes Yes, UE Trustees Say No to More Input

Jan 7, 2021
Steve Burger / WNIN

The faculty at the University of Evansville has once again sided with faculty leaders who want input into the school’s entire realignment plan. That’s a day after the board of trustees told the faculty they’re not interested.  

In a release Thursday afternoon from the UE chapter of the American Association of University Professors, the group announced that the faculty senate proposal we reported on last week to give more faculty input into the entire realignment process for the school was approved by a vote of the full faculty.

Proposed UE Moves Could Affect Accreditation

Jan 3, 2021

In an email sent over the New Year’s holiday weekend, University of Evansville administrators now say faculty input is not necessary for their academic realignment plan to be implemented. As WNIN’s Steve Burger reports, the move could affect the school’s accreditation in some areas.

UE Faculty Senate Offers Resources for Realignment

Dec 30, 2020

As they work on a draft academic realignment plan, administrators at the University of Evansville asked faculty members to present written responses to the plan. Now, they have one. 

UE Faculty Votes on Realignment Plan

Dec 28, 2020

All faculty at the University of Evansville have now cast their votes on the school’s proposed academic realignment plan.