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In the midst of the Syrian war, a young man takes the stage at this year’s TEDx Evansville event to tell his immigration story, the influence he says Syria had on BREXIT and how the turmoil of politics has destroyed the culture he once knew.

Basel Al Haj, a member of the Scholars for Syria local initiative, came to the area three years ago to study Science at the University of Evansville and hasn’t seen his family since.

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Mar 15, 2016
Paola Marizán

Students from the University of Evansville have decided to take their own action in educating the local community about Syria and explaining what is happening. Consisting of a diverse spectrum of students from all over the world including Syria and the United States, they come together to address the issues Syria and its people face today.

Known as Scholars for Syria, the group has created multiple efforts to accomplish their goals. One of their projects is providing a lecture series to cover an array of issues including religion, xenophobia, politics and more.

Myanmar's recent flood killed and left hundreds with no food, shelter or medical care; the ongoing Syrian war has caused hundreds to seek refuge in international soil; ISIS attacks Paris.

What's our role, and why should we care? 

Paola Marizan,  Samantha Horton and John Gibson discuss with experts and some who were affected by international catastrophes, how the Tri-State is connected.