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Indiana is getting more people with mental health and substance use disorders connected with “peer supports” – trained professionals who have personal experience with those challenges.

The COVID-19 crisis disrupted life for everyone. But it's a unique challenge for Hoosiers with a substance use disorder. In-person meetings are often an essential part of the recovery process. Those in the recovery community are finding new ways to meet those needs during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Bouncing on a purple exercise ball, Alyssa talks to her new teacher about what classes she needs to graduate. 

 "There’s a Psychology 1 as an elective, I would take that, but I already took psychology and sociology... And I feel like Heartland in general is a psychology class," she says, laughing.

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A new statewide campaign to address stigma associated with mental illness and substance use disorders launched Monday. The "Stigma Never Helps" campaign is designed to break down barriers to treatment. 

The Evansville area has lower-than-average health outcomes in several different metrics. Local officials have identified four key areas for improvement as a part of the 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment.