Sgt CE Schulz

Chester and Gertrude (At War)

Oct 29, 2018
Steve Burger / WNIN

It is well known that Evansville, Indiana suffered one of the first U.S. casualties in World War I. But there is an Evansville story at the end of that war of triumph, tragedy and sacrifice that has gone almost completely unnoticed...until now.

In this segment, death in a farm field leads to a historic moment for the U.S. Army’s First Division a century later.

As she traced the steps of Sergeant Chester Schulz  to northern France, the conversation shifted as Nancy Hasting, her sister Ann Stevenson and the WNIN crew moved closer to where the battle raged on the outskirts of Sedan in early November 1918.

Chester and Gertrude- Training for battle in France

Oct 12, 2018
Steve Burger

In this segment, we go to France with Posey County resident Nancy Hasting to trace the path of her great-uncle, Chester Schulz.

We can learn a lot about Chester Schulz’s time in France from military records. But what he saw, what he felt, can only be found in the letters he wrote to his mother and family.  A short time after arriving in France, his unit moved to Mussidan, in southwestern France for more training in the type of warfare the American Expeditionary Force was using to finish the war. 

Chester and Gertrude- Author and Activist

Oct 11, 2018

When her mother died, Posey County native Nancy Hasting found a box of letters and other items that set her on a path to becoming an author, researcher and now champion of securing recognition for her great uncle, who died in battle in France in World War One.

It took nearly two decades of research, and months of preparation to correct a century old oversight that nagged at Nancy Hasting’s conscience. She put the information into a book titled “A Tragedy of the Great War”.

Chester and Gertrude- A box of letters

Oct 10, 2018
Nancy Hasting

It is well known that Evansville suffered one of the first casualties of World War I. But there is a story from the end of the war that has gone largely unnoticed, until now.  WNIN’s Steve Burger has followed that story and was in France this past summer for its thrilling conclusion. Posey County native Nancy Hasting has put her family's story of World War I into a book titled, "A Tragedy of the Great War".