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Red Blue Hoops: 12/18/2014 Show Two

Dec 19, 2014


 On show #2, Ben and Evan update the latest game scores for IU and UK. They discuss recruiting and  ACL news.

Listen to basketball fans interact with them on a Indiana and Kentucky basketball games trivia. They talk about what's good for college basketball and upcoming games predictions. 

Don't miss the basketball season. Stay on track with Red Blue Hoops. 

Red Blue Hoops: 12/4/2014 Show One

Dec 4, 2014


  On Show #1, Ben and Evan give a  synopsis of the seasons so far for IU and UK. They discuss which players are surprising them early in the season, and predictions for the rest of this year.

The trivia questions lit up the phones at WNIN-FM, with fans firing off answers until at last we had two winners!