On a Friday evening in late June, Liliana Quintero received a call from one of the Spanish interpreters working at a COVID-19 testing site in Goshen, Indiana. The area has one of Indiana’s higher Latinx populations and higher rates of COVID-19 cases, according to state data.

“[He was] saying, ‘Liliana I need to inform you that the nurse who is in charge of this site just told me that each time that she sees Hispanics coming to this site, she's going to call the police,’” recalls Quintero, director of the Northern Indiana Hispanic Health Coalition, an Elkhart-based health education and advocacy nonprofit.

Lauren Chapman / IPB News

Several dozen protesters gathered outside of U.S. Sen. Todd Young (R-Ind.)’s office in Indianapolis Tuesday to protest the conditions in migrant detention camps. It’s part of a larger nationwide demonstration.

Second Wave Podcast

Vietnamese American Thanh Tan is not afraid to talk about mental health among Vietnamese refugees, often a taboo in her community. 

Many stories have gone untold because of the trauma many Vietnamese refugees experienced during war and evacuation time but Tan, through her podcast Second Wave, is telling the stories that the elders are forgetting and the young are not hearing.