Red Blue Hoops

Red Blue Hoops Season 3: Episode 4

Jan 26, 2017

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Red Blue Hoops Season 3: Episode 3

Jan 19, 2017

Both Indiana University and University of Kentucky men’s basketball teams celebrated wins the past week, however host Chad Payton had a lot to talk about with IU’s recent close game at Penn State and what the team needs to accomplish in upcoming games. Host Evan Beck reviewed the wins UK and tried figuring out why opposing teams have chanted “overrated” towards the end of the games.

Red Blue Hoops Season 3: Episode 2

Jan 12, 2017

 What is the 30 year curse causing the University of Indiana's men's basketball team from winning an NCAA Championship since 1987? Join hosts Evan Beck and Chad Payton discussing theories they've heard to explain the championship title drought for IU. Beck  is happy that the University of Kentucky was able to win both of their games since last show. He also noted that winning at Vanderbilt's Memorial Gymnasium is always an accomplishment due to the uniqueness of the court.

Red Blue Hoops Season 3: Episode 1

Jan 5, 2017

It’s a new season of Red Blue Hoops! Join hosts Evan Beck and Chad Payton in their first show of season three. There's a lot to catch up on since our last season, but Beck and Payton waste no time discussing 2016 March Madness results, off season training and the 2016-17 season so far.  Beck is overall happy with the University of Kentucky's season so far whereas Payton is hoping to see things turn around for Indiana University after having a few consecutive losses.

Red Blue Hoops Season 2: Episode 10

Mar 10, 2016

With the conference tournaments in full swing for UK and IU, there was a lot to talk about in episode ten of Red Blue Hoops second season. Join Evan and Chad in all the excitement of March Madness with guest caller Marty Simmons, Head Coach of the University of Evansville Men’s Basketball Team, talking about UE’s season this year. This was the last scheduled show for this year, but you can follow @redbluehoops for continuing coverage for the rest of the season.