Police Chief Billy Bolin

FOP To Vote On Police Chief Bolin

21 hours ago

Evansville’s Fraternal Order of Police will hold a vote of confidence Wednesday on Police Chief Billy Bolin. 

EPD introduces mounted patrol

Nov 9, 2017
John Gibson

The Evansville Police Department has put two officers on horseback. 

The EPD introduced its mounted patrol at The Boys and Girls of Evansville, where kids had an opportunity to meet the horses named Blondie and Speck.

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke said it’s not only about public safety, but building relationships. 

(He said seeing children petting horses in the heart of the city is something you don't see every day.)

Police Chief Billy Bolin said the animals provide a boost…

Evansville Police Department welcomes new officers

Jul 10, 2017
Isaiah Seibert / WNIN

The Evansville Police Department (EPD) welcomed new officers at a ceremony Monday afternoon.  After about a year-long application process, Ben Hallmark, Nathan Cooper, Ryan Eagleson, Cody Smith, Nick Hackworth, Jason Martin, Taylor Garcia-Grisham, Chris Beitler, Jesse Montank, Mark Galey, Quinton Keil and Dylan Barnes took an oath to become EPD’s newest officers.

Chief of Police Billy Bolin said the hiring process is rigorous, so appointments in the department call for a celebration.

City budget hearings wrap up with police chief

Aug 21, 2015

The Evansville City Council has wrapped up a week of budget hearings, following a presentation by the police chief.

Chief Billy Bolin is seeking 35 new police cars. He told the council that the department’s older vehicles need to be replaced. Members of the council were supportive.

Council Finance Chairman Connor O’Daniel says the city should be committing $1 million a year in casino funds to police vehicles. He disagrees with some of the Winnecke's administration proposed spending of casino revenue.