Nancy Drake

Cat Cafe Turned Over to VHS

23 hours ago
John Gibson / WNIN

The owners of Evansville’s River Kitty Café have turned the operation over to the Vanderburgh Humane Society. 

Ribbon is cut purr-fectly at cat cafe

Jul 14, 2017
John Gibson

A ribbon has been cut, officially opening Evansville’s first cat café.

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke helped co-owners Nancy Drake and Annette Gries cut the ribbon, opening the River Kitty Cat Café at 226 Main St.

Inside the café, a glass wall separates the dining area from 10 felines frolicking and sleeping on pet beds, padded towers, and in the front window.

Kandis Brinker is the cat lounge chaperone. She says one of the great things about the cat enclosure is the basement, where cats and access food and litter boxes, away from the cafe area.