The Lilly Endowment is giving Indiana organizations millions of dollars in grants in response to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

A federal law took effect Wednesday requiring some employers to give paid sick and family leave to workers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Hoosier businesses covered by the law will have to comply or face penalties.

Indiana officials say the state’s capacity to test people for COVID-19 is increasing, even as the growth in testing slowed over the last few days.

Food Banks See Increased Need Amid Coronavirus

Apr 1, 2020

Food banks and pantries across Indiana are seeing more people in need of assistance during the coronavirus crisis.

Healthcare workers are under immense pressure amid the coronavirus pandemic. They face shortages of protective equipment such as gloves and masks. They’re pulling long shifts. And they risk being infected with the virus. 

So it's no surprise that the language of the pandemic is one of wartime -- nurses and doctors fighting on the frontlines against what some politicians have called an “invisible enemy.”

“I hear nurses every day, they describe it as a war zone,” says Emily Sego, a chief nurse executive at a large hospital group in Indianapolis.