The Indiana General Assembly’s 2021 session will begin soon, with many unanswered questions about how it will go amid the ongoing global pandemic.

Indiana got a “D” for how it educates kids about climate change. That’s according to a report released by the National Center for Science Education and the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund. But the state Department of Education said it's working to change that. The report called Indiana’s approach to teaching the reality, severity, and human responsibility for causing climate change “abysmal.” Just six states received a lower letter grade than Indiana.

A proposed plant that would turn coal into diesel fuel in southwest Indiana has overcome a legal challenge to its air permit.

Debates Indiana lawmakers have been having for years will once again surface in the 2021 session, including whether to raise the state’s cigarette tax. But that issue may find new life thanks to viewing it through a new lens: the COVID-19 pandemic.

A study at Indiana University aims to shed light on so-called COVID-19 immunity, after a person has been infected or after being vaccinated. Studies like this one could also help shape what the COVID-19 vaccine response looks like.