(A worker at a factory in North Vernon, Indiana, works with a plastics manufacturing robot. A recent study released by the Brookings Institution shows 42 percent of Hoosiers are in a "good job." Credit:Justin Hicks/IPB News)

Only 42 percent of Hoosiers have what is considered a good paying job according to a new report released Wednesday by the Brookings Institution. It details issues facing Indiana’s economy and what can be done to improve conditions.

(Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter said eliminating handgun licenses could have "devastating consequences." Credit: Lauren Chapman/IPB News)

Indiana law enforcement groups are on both sides of a debate over legislation that would no longer require Hoosiers to get a handgun license.

Indiana announced Wednesday it would not be extending vaccine registration to the next age group – 60 and older – this week. But health officials outlined what the phase after that looks like. 

Indiana teachers could see extra steps to pay union dues in the future if a bill headed to the Senate floor succeeds. Testimony weeks ago sparked lengthy debate about the contentious measure. 

Former Pete Buttigieg presidential campaign manager Mike Schmuhl announced Wednesday he wants to be the Indiana Democratic Party’s next leader.