Burn Ban Issued For Henderson County

Sep 30, 2019

Hot, dry conditions have prompted another burn ban in the Tri-State.

Work Continues On I-69 Bridge Study, Project Team Says

Mar 28, 2019
Isaiah Seibert / WNIN

For our Day Out on the Ohio River, we're telling the stories of the river’s past, present, and future. A major part of that future is a planned Interstate 69 bridge over the Ohio between Evansville and Henderson.

Day Out - Boyett Looks At Henderson History

Mar 28, 2019

Frank Boyett is fascinated with Henderson history and writes a weekly column in the Gleaner called “Yesterday’s News.” WNIN’s John Gibson spoke to Boyett about the Ohio River from a Henderson point of view…

Methodist, Deaconess Sign Affiliation Agreement

Sep 21, 2018
Isaiah Seibert / WNIN

Methodist Hospital in Henderson has finalized its affiliation agreement with Evansville-based Deaconess Health System. 

As of 12:33 Friday afternoon, Methodist has become what administrators are calling a “Deaconess network affiliate.”

Deaconess will own a third of Methodist and get a minority stake in its board, but the hospitals will remain independent.

Deaconess will invest in renovations to the emergency department at the Methodist Hospital in Union County. Deaconess will also renovate office space at the Methodist Hospital in Henderson.

Reese Moore

The Henderson Area Arts Alliance kicks off their 25th anniversary season with a free show featuring Ranky Tanky at 7:30pm on Saturday, August 18th in Henderson's Central Park. The band, featured on Fresh Air, mixes traditional Gullah songs with jazz, gospel, and R&B among other genres. HAAA Executive Director Alex Caudill talks to WNIN's Mareea Thomas about Ranky Tanky and other upcoming shows.