The ¿QPM? team takes some time to reflect at the end of Season 5. They discuss how the episodes impacted them and how they’ve been getting through the year. Esperamos que las historias from this season have been a light during este tiempo difícil.

En este episodio our new contributor, Karli Goldenberg, talks to Dr. Juan Carlos Caicedo about how he challenges existing healthcare access and created the Northwestern Medicine Hispanic Transplant Program, a culturally competent transplant center dedicated to Latino patients.

Latinos are historically undercounted in the census, but an Illinois woman we met in Season 4 is determined to change that, despite the coronavirus.

¿QPM? S5 EP 1: Finding Helpers in the Pandemic

Aug 3, 2020
Daniel Knight

This season is about the coronavirus, but we aren’t sharing the latest statistics and news. Instead we set out (virtually) to find the helpers (like Mr. Rogers) in the Midwest.