Program To Support Children Affected By Opioid Epidemic

Jul 30, 2019

A new initiative aims to address the secondary effects of the opioid epidemic on children. The program expects to reach around 600 kids across Indiana, including here in the Evansville area.  

There’s a new way for Hoosiers to track their health and participate in research at the same time — a mobile app. 

Data from one of the largest concussion studies is now available to scientists around the world. 

Paige Pfleger / WOSU

Bouncing on a purple exercise ball, Alyssa talks to her new teacher about what classes she needs to graduate. 

 "There’s a Psychology 1 as an elective, I would take that, but I already took psychology and sociology... And I feel like Heartland in general is a psychology class," she says, laughing.

A large coalition — made up of doctors, legal experts, advocacy groups, and others — is petitioning the state to lower its threshold for when public health agencies should address elevated blood lead levels in children.