Local Coronavirus Preps Outlined Thursday

Feb 27, 2020
Steve Burger / WNIN

With all the coverage of the potential threat of the COVID 19 virus spreading to the U.S., Evansville officials took time Thursday afternoon to reassure people about what’s being done to prepare in case the virus shows up here. 

State Health Department Reports 64 Flu-Related Deaths

Feb 25, 2020
(Lauren Chapman/IPB News)

The Indiana State Department of Health, ISDH, confirmed a total of 64 flu-related deaths this season in a report released Friday. 

Why An Ambulance Might Not Be Ready When You Call

Feb 25, 2020

In many states, emergency medical services are not considered essential, like fire or police. That means when you call 911, there’s no guarantee an ambulance will respond. And this is a big problem in rural areas, where volunteers are scarce.

In Your Words: Healthcare Is Too Expensive and Confusing

Feb 13, 2020

Flu Bug Closes Two School Districts

Jan 29, 2020
National Foundation for Infectious Diseases

A second Tri-State school district has canceled classes due to the flu.