Lawmakers and activists gathered at the Indiana Statehouse to support redistricting reform ahead of the new maps drawn in 2021. The bipartisan group promoted two bills for greater transparency in redistricting.

Roberto Arroyo

This season we’re staying on top of two major topics - the census and the 2020 elections. 

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The U.S. Supreme Court dealt a blow Thursday to Indiana activists pushing for comprehensive redistricting reform.

Concerned residents join "Gerry Meander"

Jul 11, 2017
John Gibson

Dozens of people walked through an Evansville neighborhood Monday evening to call for redistricting reform. WNIN’s John Gibson went along…

The 2.1 mile “Gerry Meander” followed a portion of the line between state representative districts 77 and 78.

On a map, it looks like a thumb – or peninsula -- sticking into another district.

Organizer Kathy Solecki told WNIN it’s time for gerrymeandering to stop.

(The districts should not be drawn to enhance a political party or candidate. They should be drawn to fairly represent the composition of the voters.)