Flor De Toloache

¿QPM? S3 EP 8: Adios and Recap

Jun 19, 2019

  Este es nuestro ultimo episode of season 3. This season was all about música. We talked about mental health, the border wall, voting, new and old Latino music, instruments and Racism and more.

We moved our hips to artistas como Making Movies, the Grammy-winning all-female Mariachi Flor de Toloache, Migrant Kids, Reggae prodigy Zion, and Appalatin.

Mallory Collum

This season is all about Música! And in this episode we go back to our interview with the Grammy-winning all-female Mariachi Flor de Toloache in 2015. Where las chicas shared how they stay in touch with their culture while living in the US, como por ejemplo taking tango lessons, how black people are seen differently in Latino countries vs. in North America and how each of their instruments fit into the ensemble.

Trend- Global Crossroads

Nov 6, 2015
Alison Petrash

We had a full studio for this show,  including soap-making, food, inclusion and the Latin Grammy nominated mariachi band Flor De Toloache.  

They're all part of the Global Crossroads Culture and Music Festial in New Harmony on Saturday.

Update: After the Trend on Friday, we celebrated the Global Crossroads Fest at Historic New Harmony.

Latin Grammy nominated and all-female mariachi band Flor de Toloache was live from Murphy Auditorium.