Holcomb Vetoes Bill Requiring Label On E15 Gasoline

Apr 27, 2021

Gov. Eric Holcomb has vetoed a law that would require gasoline with 15 percent ethanol to be labeled at the pump. E15 gas can harm the engines of cars built before 2001, as well as some motorcycles, boats and lawnmowers.

Farmers are feeling less optimistic about the future following the November elections. The latest Ag Economy Barometer showed a sharp shift in expectations that U.S. agriculture will face unfavorable policies over the next five years.

Indiana Farmer Anxious for Quick Economic Rebound

Jun 15, 2020
Sarah Kuper

Agricultural economists forecast a potentially record high year for corn yields at the same time the coronavirus pandemic is hurting industries that rely on the crop. This in turn could hurt prices and farmers.

For years, environmentalists have said that increasing the amount of ethanol in gasoline is hurting the planet. Now, they say they have proof