Carolina Sánchez

In a phone conversation with Music Journalist Catalina Maria Johnson we learned how to identify Latinx music, how nuestra música has influenced and changed over the years, how some music genres are being revisited by the artists of the newer generation and how music crossovers like K-pop and música en Español are being created more often.

This episode's musicians - a Cuban band called Cimafunk, Jazz mixed with hip hop from the Colombian Mabiland and bilingual New Jersey based Mexican Dominican Ambar Lucid.

Mallory Collum

This season is all about Música! And in this episode we go back to our interview with the Grammy-winning all-female Mariachi Flor de Toloache in 2015. Where las chicas shared how they stay in touch with their culture while living in the US, como por ejemplo taking tango lessons, how black people are seen differently in Latino countries vs. in North America and how each of their instruments fit into the ensemble.

Alfonso Vidal

Why did Alfonso come to the Midwest? It had something to do with the FARC - las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia or the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - una alianza en contra del gobierno since 1964. The FARC sustains their estilo de vida by kidnapping and ransom, illegal mining, extorsiones and the production and distribución of illegal drugs.

What it means to be Latinoaméricano

Sep 22, 2016

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage month, expert in Latin America and University of Evansville professor of Spanish, Dr. Diana Rodríguez Quevedo tells us about music that describes what being Latino means, her relocation to Canada as a child and about her homeland, Colombia.  


Courtesy Arcea Zapata de Aston

An internationally-recognized Colombian poet is sharing her stories of love and loss tonight in Owensboro.  It’s part of a program created to empower Latina women.

Antonieta Villamil says poetry is a way for humans to carve beauty out of their suffering and share it with the world.

And she has a poem to back it up. It’s a message to her little brother Pedro, who disappeared in 1990.