Latinos are historically undercounted in the census, but an Illinois woman we met in Season 4 is determined to change that, despite the coronavirus.

Census Bureau to Restart Field Work in Evansville

May 18, 2020
U.S.Census Bureau

If you haven’t received yours yet, the city of Evansville says you may find a census questionnaire at your front door. WNIN's John Gibson has details...

Indiana has a higher response rate on the Census than the country as a whole, according to the latest Census data. The U.S. Census Bureau reports more than 57 percent of Hoosiers had responded as of Friday – more than the national response rate of a little more than 53 percent. 

According to the response rate map created by the Census, Minnesota has the highest response rate with 64 percent. More than 78 million households across the country have been counted for the census, as of Friday. 

Census Bureau Assures Public Their Information Is Safe

Feb 19, 2020

The upcoming census has sparked some concerns about the security of vulnerable populations, including immigrants. 

Judith Ruiz-Branch

Aqui una historia desde Chicago. Our collaborator Judith Ruiz-Branch talk about how although Chicago is a very liberal city with a diverse population that breeds inclusividad, there are still some Latino families, many undocumented, that have completely disconnected themselves from the current political landscape. Whether it’s due to disinterest or fear, there are many reasons why they choose to remain invisible, even in a city like Chicago.