WNIN's bilingual podcast and our ambitious collaborataion with the University of Evansville on COVID-19 coverage were among the winners in regional competition.

Churches Playing Key Role in Vaccinations

Apr 15, 2021
Steve Burger / WNIN

As efforts expand to get people vaccinated for the coronavirus, more organizations and businesses are getting involved. 

COVID Year- Dr. David Smith, EVSC

Mar 17, 2021
Zoom frame capture

EVSC superintendent on his early memories of the pandemic, and how they dealt with the challenges of getting students back in the classroom.

COVID Year- Dr. Gina Huhnke

Mar 14, 2021
Steve Burger / File

COVID Year- USI President Dr. Ronald Rochon

Mar 7, 2021

USI president discusses their move to all online classes in two weeks at the start of the pandemic, and his decision not to furlough any staff.