Brick Briscoe

Brick Briscoe

In this episodio we talk to music expert and artist Brick Briscoe about his radio show The Song Show, about how he was introduce to Spanish language music and how his experience playing in English in Paris was a revelation of how music unites us and labeling separates us. We talk to him about music as an universal language and his white privilege.

Briscoe remembers Bowie

Jan 11, 2016

Music fans in the Tri-State are remembering David Bowie. 

Petersburg native, musician, and filmmaker Brick Briscoe tells WNIN that Bowie made a lasting impression on him. He says Bowie showed him "nothing was off limits."

Briscoe, who hosts the Song Show on WNIN FM, also says Bowie had a huge impact on popular culture.

Briscoe is planning a special edition of the Song Show this weekend that will focus on Bowie, who has died at the age of 69. The program can be heard Saturday evening at 7:00 and Sunday morning at 9:00 on WNIN FM.