Back to School

Educators and their communities have pushed officials to publicly track COVID-19 cases found in schools, but one expert warns there hasn't been enough testing to make those numbers meaningful.

The Indiana State Department of Health reported 69 additional confirmed deaths over the last week, bringing the state’s total to 3,072. The state announced more than 93,000 total confirmed cases – including two days with more than 1,000 reported cases – and more than 1,065,000 Hoosiers tested.


It was back to school for more students and teachers in the Evansville area on Monday. 

EVSC Schools Re-open

Aug 18, 2020
Sarah Kuper

The staggered start for Evansville area public school students has begun, with some students returning to class this week and some next week. And then there are some students who aren’t returning to the classroom at all but rather are opting for a virtual school year. 

Students who already gave up prom, graduation, and summer vacations are beginning their college experiences differently.

But that’s the least of worries for the health officials tasked with keeping them safe.