Baby Death

ISP Investigates Baby Death

Sep 11, 2020

Indiana State Police are investigating the death of an infant in Mt. Vernon. 

Police Arrest Father in Infant's Death

Jun 12, 2020

Police have arrested an Evansville man in connection with the death of his three-month-old child. 

Owensboro Police Investigating Infant Death

Feb 12, 2020

Owensboro Police are investigating the death of an infant. 

In a release, the OPD said officers were dispatched to the 500 Block of E 27th Street on Saturday for a medical call involving a 7 month old.

Police Arrest Murder Suspect Bengert

Jan 10, 2020

Police have captured the Evansville man charged with the murder of his three-month-old baby. 

Deaconess sued over infant death

Aug 1, 2018

A federal lawsuit has been filed in connection with an infant death at an Evansville hospital.

Attorneys George Barnett and David Miller filed the complaint against Deaconess Gateway in the death of 7-day-old of Aerabella Whitfield in August 2016.

In a news release, the attorneys said the child’s parents, Amanda Moore and Braden Whitfield of Owensville, took 3-day-old Aerabella to the Deaconess Gateway emergency room for abnormal, rapid breathing.