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David James

  • David James talks with longtime Evansville Meteorologist Ron Rhodes.
  • It’s been 30 years since a military C-130 crashed near Evansville Regional Airport. On 2 Main St, David James talks about the event with two local reporters who were on the scene moments after the crash. WNIN’s John Gibson and WIKY’s Jay Zimmer.
  • David Chats with Chris Hochwender and Bill Hemminger, authors of a new book, "A Beginner's Guide to Cultivating Caring Communities," a collection of essays of regular folks who have rolled up their sleeves to make their communities better.
  • David James talks with German Township Fire Chief Tamara Carr and retired chief John Buckman about preparing for emergencies and responding to disasters.
  • David James talks with The Reverend Allen Rutherford about his research into the meaning of symbols found on tombstones and in graveyards here and abroad.
  • Host David James chats with DeWayne Todd and Ted Haycraft. They discuss their favorite cult films and the unexplainable film "Buckaroo Bonzai."
  • David James talks to the Albion Fellows Bacon Center interim Executive Director Julia Kathary on the 40th anniversary of the center, which serves 11…
  • David James sits down with Jeff Lyons and Jeff’s cat Betty, who became a social media sensation while Jeff was weather-casting from home during the…