Women Rally At Indiana Statehouse for Workplace, Wage Equality

Jan 23, 2020

Rep. Chris Campbell (D-West Lafayette) addresses women at the statehouse rally. (Justin Hicks /IPB News)

Women gathered at the Indiana statehouse today to pressure lawmakers to support gender equality legislation. The rally highlighted wage discrimination and hostile work environments for pregnant women.

According to Women4Change Indiana, although women make up close to half of Indiana’s workforce, they get paid 21 percent less than men. The pay disparity gets significantly worse for minority women. 

Destiny Faceson spoke at the rally saying that when she was pregnant, she had to work 16-hour shifts to cover the loss of income she would have on unpaid maternity leave. She says lawmakers need to act to keep that from happening to others. 

“You are being held accountable for making tomorrow more equitable than our yesterday and today,” she says. “You’re lawmakers. Take accountability.” 

Sen. Ron Alting (R-Lafayette) also spoke, asking voters to attend a committee hearing Monday to support a bill he authored that would require employers to provide reasonable accommodations for pregnant workers. 

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