Vanderburgh County Commissioners Asked To Replace Library Trustee, May Go Further

Jan 29, 2019

Credit Abhi Sharma / Flickr

Vanderburgh county commissioners were asked Tuesday afternoon to remove one of their appointees to the library’s board of trustees over the Drag Queen Story Hour controversy. The move may not be enough for one county commissioner.

Local pastor Steve Ary asked the commissioners to remove Sabrina Stewart-Thomas, who holds the appointment. He said the library’s decision to hold Drag Queen Story Hour jeopardizes public confidence in her.

Library by-laws require commissioners to hold a public hearing before removing a trustee. Commissioners said they need more time to consider the request.

"For all I know, because I haven’t had a chance to talk to her, Sabrina Stewart-Thomas may be willing to make a motion to fire the current director," county commissioner Cheryl Musgrave said.  

Musgrave said the library has been going in the wrong direction, even before its decision to hold the story hour. "I would like the opportunity to think about whether my motion wouldn’t be to withdraw the agreement of joint funding to the library," she said.

Commissioners have two appointments to the seven-member board. Their other appointee, Andrew Ozete, resigned about a month ago. He declined to tell us why when contacted Tuesday. Commissioners tabled a vote Tuesday afternoon for a possible replacement.

There are two more county commission meetings before Feb. 23. The story hour is scheduled for that afternoon at North Park Library.