UE President Comments on Realignment Process Change

Feb 1, 2021

Credit Steve Burger / File

As we reported last week, UE administrators gave in to a faculty demand that academic changes during the school’s realignment process go through the normal review process. 

UE President Christopher Pietruszkiewicz says one thing he wishes he could change about how the academic realignment process has gone is that he’d rather not have the process be quite so public.

UE faculty haven’t seen it that way, and the process has been very public since the first announcement of the realignment in early December.

Faculty, student and alumni groups have put pressure on the administration about the proposed elimination of academic majors and entire departments. Pietruszkiewicz says the process is working.

He says, “You know I’m much more confident that the final plan will change from what the draft plan looks like. And so, we’re going to follow the established procedures that the university has in place.”

Tenured UE faculty in the affected departments have until later this month to take a voluntary buy out plan.