UE to Offer Rapid COVID Tests to Students Heading Home

Nov 20, 2020

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The University of Evansville says it will offer free rapid COVID-19 tests, starting Monday.

UE says the Indiana State Department of Health notified the University that the testing kits are being made available at no charge to higher education institutions across the state.

UE says students can register for the voluntary testing on the university’s website.
Unlike a deep nasal swab, the Abbot Binax NOW is a less invasive test that only swabs the inside tip of the nostril.

The results of the antigen test are available 15-to-30 minutes after the test and can be delivered to students via a smart phone app.

In a release, UE Vice President Dana Clayton said students have worked “very hard” to follow guidelines and minimize the spread of the virus on the campus and in the community.

Clayton said the tests will allow them to plan accordingly and help protect their families and communities as they travel home.

The testing will be offered on-campus Monday through Wednesday to students who are planning to return home for Thanksgiving Break.

For those who will remain on campus until the end of the semester, testing will be made available in mid-December.