UE Music Saved from Chopping Block

Feb 8, 2021

Credit evansville.edu

University of Evansville officials announced a major development for the music program at the school. 

During a videotaped announcement on You Tube, UE officials said with significant funding from some community members, they are establishing a music conservatory at the school that will consolidate the school’s music programs. Dennis Malfatti is co-chair of the music department.

“The conservatory will unify all of these offerings in a more formalized way, rather than sort of the patchwork of offerings we’ve been doing up to now.”

UE will also being offering dual credit music courses for area high school students in music history, piano and music theory, among others. A three million dollar renovation of Wheeler Concert Hall was also announced Monday. 

School officials credit the Friends of UE Music with the turnaround in the fate of the department at the school, which was slated for elimination under the draft academic realignment plan.