UE Announces Revised Realignment Plan with Fewer Reductions

Mar 12, 2021

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University of Evansville officials have released details of their revised institutional realignment plan. 

In a plan released Thursday afternoon, UE administration officials outlined the academic, athletic and administrative changes they are proposing.  Among them:

Of the original 17 announced academic majors to be eliminated, just three remain. They are art history, philosophy and religion.

Three engineering programs slated for elimination will be put on pause for new admissions while options are investigated to redesign them.

In athletics, $1.4 million dollars will be cut, mostly through changes in the school’s golf, swimming and track programs.

In administration, a dozen positions will be eliminated as well as changes to the Voluntary Employees Beneficiary Association Plan. The administration estimates the total amount of the proposed cuts will save the school $3.8 million.