UE Administration, Faculty, Students and Alumni Comment on Realignment Plan

Feb 15, 2021

Credit Zoom frame capture

Monday evening’s winter storm didn’t stop a virtual hearing over Zoom that brought faculty, administration, students and trustees of the University of Evansville together with community members for the first time since the announcement of the school’s academic realignment plan. 

The hearing was sponsored by the UE chapter of the American Association of University Professors. A common theme from students and faculty speakers was the lack of communication from the administration before announcing the draft realignment proposal in mid-December.

Faculty Senate chair Alanna Keenan related the feeling she had when it was announced before all the faculty that her position was being eliminated without being told in advance.

Keenan says she fears the process being used by the administration will have a negative impact on UE in the future.

“The administration has drawn negative publicity, not only locally, but nationally, as faculty, alumni and community rightfully fought against this proposal. We will be suffering from the aftermath of this public rollout for years.”

The hearing and question and answer period lasted just over two hours.