Toyota Adds Jobs, Invests in High Schools

Jan 17, 2020

Governor Eric Holcomb addressed a crowd while celebrating Toyota's latest investment in its Gibson County plant.
Credit John Gibson / WNIN

Toyota has announced more investment and more jobs at its Gibson County plant. 

Pounding music and bright lights provided a festive atmosphere as Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana announced the completion of a modernization project.

Officials announced another $700 million investment in its Princeton operations and 150 new jobs by the end of 2022.

Governor Eric Holcomb told the crowd of dignitaries and “team members” that Toyota and southwest Indiana are a “perfect fit”…

"When Toyota says "Let's go places" we’re in, like where are we goin', buckle up, we're on our way, we're with you."

Toyota also announced a $1 million investment in Gibson County high schools called the 4 T Academy -- for Titans, Trojans Tigers, and Toyota – to help prepare students for careers in manufacturing.

After the event, Governor Holcomb reflected on Toyota’s impact over the past two decades…

"To watch this facility grow out of the Hooiser soil into what it is today, and the $5.5 billion that's been invested -- not just in today but into the future -- that goes directly to our people."

The Toyota plant now employs about 7,000 people.

Students from Gibson County high schools hold signs depicting a $1 million investment in Toyota's 4 T Academy.
Credit John Gibson / WNIN