There's Already a Playbook for Fighting Virus Misinformation

Jun 21, 2021

Credit Steve Burger / WNIN-FM

With social media proving to be a breeding ground for misinformation on the coronavirus and vaccines, finding ways to address that and educate people is a major topic these days. It turns out there is a group with a lot of experience dealing with misinformation and viruses.  

AIDS Resource Group of Evansville executive director Stacey Easley.
Credit Zoom frame capture

When AIDS Resource Group of Evansville executive director Stacey Easley talks about misinformation, politicizing and demonizing people with a disease, she speaks from experience in educating people on HIV and AIDS.

Many of the same challenges driving coronavirus and vaccine misinformation issues like bias and lack of information among public officials are ones she has dealt with her entire career.

“Fear, I think is a big influencer on how information is given out, but when we also rush some of that. So when we are asking people to push out the information, are we giving them the right resources or material, or how limited are we making them?”